Volvo Hybrid Buses Will Be Introduced In Navi Mumbai

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Volvo will be introducing its hybrid technology in India with their new buses. The first batch of new Volvo hybrid buses will be introduced in Navi Mumbai. Delivery of the new buses will be accepted by the Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport.

The Indian Government recently introduced the FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of hybrid and Electric vehicles) scheme in India. The Indian Government will be offering huge incentives and benefits to hybrid and electric vehicles, in an attempt to promote environmentally friendly vehicles.

The new hybrid buses for the Indian market by Volvo will be manufactured at their facility in Bangalore. Hybrid buses are the solution to reducing vehicle emission in metros. Currently, Volvo is the only bus manufacturer to build and offer hybrid buses in the country.

Internationally, Volvo has over 2,300 hybrids running on the streets of 20 countries. Hybrid buses from Volvo consumes less fuel, approximately 39 percent lesser than a regular diesel bus. Volvo confirms that their hybrid buses will cut down carbon dioxide emission, nitrogen oxides, and other particles.

Volvo also offers electric buses in international markets, however, the Indian market will initially get hybrid buses. So far, Volvo has managed to sell over 5,300 buses in the country since 2001. At this moment, Volvo has roughly 1,500 city buses commuting in 34 cities across India.

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