Volkswagen Hires Self-Driving Car Expert From Apple — What's Cooking?

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Volkswagen is looking to make up for losses after its infamous Diesel Gate Scandal, by venturing into the self-drive car field. The German carmaker has hired Johann Jungwirth from Apple, who was widely believed to have been working on a secret car project for Apple.

Aged 42, Jungwirth was the former director of Mac systems engineering at Apple, and now, he will take the role of leading the newly formed Digitalization Strategy Department at Volkswagen. He will report directly to The Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen, Matthias Muller.

Volkswagen hiring the former Apple executive is a clear signal that the German carmaker is undeterred by the emission crisis and is trying to keep pace with modern day innovations in the automobile industry.

Before working for Apple, Jungwirth was with Daimler. The whole Apple self-drive car news sent jitters down the spine for many automakers, reminding them of what technology could do with automobiles in the future.

And solely for update purpose about Volkswagen's emission scandal, the company is currently offering cash cards in the US for those customers whose cars are affected, as goodwill.

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