Volkswagen Beetle Could Be Axed In Cost Cutting Measures

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German automobile giant, Volkswagen is not doing particularly well across the globe. They were one of the first four-wheeler manufacturers to go global. Volkswagen's most popular vehicle over the years has to be their Beetle hatchback.

The VW Beetle now, however, could be axed due to the manufacturer planning on certain cost cutting measures. One of them include the discontinuation of their once best-selling hatchback. They also plan on discontinuing a few of their other models in their cost cutting plan.

volkswagen cost cutting

They will implement new strategies and goals going forward, in an attempt to cut costs wherever possible. Volkswagen will begin by decreasing model variants and increasing the vehicles' life in the market before it receives an update.

Volkswagen has confirmed that they would not providing a three-door option with their Polo going forward. Only a five-door Polo will be offered in various countries. This too will help in cutting and reducing costs of manufacture and will save money by not offering two different door styles for a single vehicle.

beetle discontinued

The Beetle by Volkswagen was a popular vehicle when launched for the very first time. Recently the German manufacturer provided a much needed facelift to its hatchback. The new Beetle looked and drove better, however, it was never going to achieve the same success its predecessor witnessed.

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