Air Pollution Kills 29 Thousand People Every Year In UK

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Yes, this is alarming news as 29,000 people are killed year after year in the UK due to air pollution. UK has reached its maximum level rating of ‘10' in recent weeks, putting its 5.4 million people in high risk.

More LPG vehicles, instead of petrol or diesel run vehicles could significantly improve air quality, resulting in fewer deaths and breathing problems.

Linda Gomersall, the General Manager of Autogas Limited said, "These alarming reports show that immediate action is needed from the Government and car makers to tackle rising levels of air pollution and help the lives of asthma sufferers in the UK."

"LPG is a proven, readily available fuel source that could instantly help improve the lives of millions of people, if only further support was directed to the availability of gas powered cars."

Cars or vehicles that run on LPG emit 80 percent less NOx emissions than diesel powered vehicles, which will help improve air quality significantly.

It takes 20 LPG vehicles to pollute the atmosphere as much as one diesel vehicle does. CO2 emissions are 27 percent less in LPG vehicles compared to petrol vehicles.

Introduction of more LPG variants, educating people about pollution and encouraging them to opt for it is a priority now.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 29, 2015, 15:15 [IST]
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