Uber India Provide Passenger Safety With Number Masking Feature

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Uber India is recently going all out in attempt to woo in more customers for their taxi service. Just a few days ago, they decided to offer UberPool service to customers, so they can share trip fares.

Safety is primary concern for most customers using any taxi service in the country. The US based taxi service will now offer passengers with additional safety with number masking feature.

Currently Ola is providing the number masking feature across the country. Uber too has confirmed that this safety feature will not provide the customers contact number to the driver.

This is a much needed safety feature, if drivers get contact numbers of customers, they can do anything with it. Most common fear is that the person could start harassing customers over the phone.

More customers are opting for taxi services in India and are ditching their own vehicles. Every taxi service needs to provide as much passenger safety features as they can currently.

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