Uber Autorickshaw Services Commence In Delhi With Cash Payment Option

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Uber has launched its very first auto rickshaw service. Currently this facility is available only for residents of Delhi. It will soon be offered in other cities of India as well.

There are still certain cities in India that do not use a fixed meter system in their autorickshaws. Uber is attempting at enhancing the customer experience by providing a fixed and structured payment system.

Uber Auto will not work as their Taxi service does in several locations. For the very first time they will be allowing cash transactions to take place.

uber auto rickshaw delhi

Usually Uber has an online payment system and there is no physical cash involved. For their autorickshaw service they will be modifying this system, thus making it more convenient for customers.

In terms of fare charges, Uber will not be charging extra from its users. In Delhi they will be charging customers as per state approved autorickshaw rates. No convenience charges will be applied as of now.

Several other taxi based service providers have also begun autorickshaw services in Delhi. Ola too has a similar service being provided in the entire state of Delhi.

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Story first published: Friday, April 10, 2015, 12:43 [IST]

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