Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle Demand More Than Expected

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Japanese automobile giant Toyota is currently working on developing mobility options for the future. They have showcased their technology for fuel cells on several occasions at auto shows. Toyota finally revealed that they would use this technology in a vehicle the christened as Mirai.

The Mirai which stands for 'future' in Japanese language was launched at the end of 2014. It is one of the very first hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to be sold commercially to buyers all over the world. The Japanese manufacturer promised to manufacturer 700 vehicles in its introductory year.

The Japanese manufacturer now claims that they have received over 1,500 booking for Mirai. This is more than Toyota had ever expected in the first year itself. They had expected only part of their vehicles will be sold out of the 700 they can manufacture in a single year.

Toyota reveals that roughly 60 percent of the order has come from government officials. The remaining 40 percent accounts for individual customers. Due to this delivery of Toyota Mirai will be delayed further than what was planned earlier.

The Mirai has been priced at INR 35,10,270 by Toyota. It is currently on sale in several markets of United States of America and Europe. The Japanese manufacturer will offer it in more countries in the coming years.

Toyota's Mirai runs on hydrogen and is one of the greenest and the most eco-friendly vehicle on offer in the world. The Japanese manufacturer claims that their vehicle can travel for 650 kilometres on a single fill. It even refills faster just like a petrol powered vehicle.

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