SUVs Highly Searched For In India Among Used Cars Confirms Google

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Indian's love big and powerful four wheelers, it is no surprise that even expensive vehicles do well due to their sheer body size. Now Google India and Mahindra First Choice Wheels released an interesting report.

It has been confirmed that SUVs are the most searched in India among used vehicles. Almost 47 percent of all used car searches are about Utility Vehicles. Mahindra First Choice confirms this report with their sales of SUVs.

Gaurav Kapur, Industry Head for Auto vertical, Google India, said, "Used car consumer is highly underserved in India as the industry is characterized by a lack of formal distribution and service networks. The industry suffers from a significant trust deficit between buyers and sellers."

He further added, "This is also reflected in the search behavior in India, there seems very low awareness as well as low curiosity to know about ‘certification' or ‘warranty' on used cars. We see a significant amount of queries for Certified used cars in developed markets like the US."

Second most searched used car category was hatchback's, which accounted for 20 percent. The remaining include sedans and luxury vehicles in India, which has been confirmed by Google and Mahindra First Choice offline sales.

The report also suggested that Indian automobile buyers are generally not brand loyal. Sixteen percent of people search specifically for a brand, while 84 percent people search with an open mind and explore all option before a purchase.

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