Future Electric Cars Could Be Powered By 'Super Batteries'

The automotive world is on a constant progressive development, and alternate energy is being the main focus. Lithium ion batteries suddenly look like a thing of the past since there is now a ‘Super Battery' that could replace the traditional lithium ion batteries.

The Super Battery is a lithium ion oxygen battery and seems it can overcome some of the disadvantages of a regular lithium-ion battery.

For one, the lithium oxygen battery can store ten times the energy density compared to a regular lithium ion battery, which directly means that vehicles will have more range. The super battery will have 93 percent efficiency.

Another important aspect is that the lithium oxygen battery is five times lighter than its counterpart and five times cheaper to develop as well. Thus, the cost of owning and maintaining an electric vehicle will be lesser, and most people is likely to adopt electric vehicles in future.

Credit goes to researchers from the University of Cambridge, lead by Clare Grey. One drawback, however, is the time of launch, which is expected to take at least another ten years.

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