Students Create Vehicle That Works On Salt Water & Solar Energy

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In today's world every automobile manufacturer is trying to find an alternative fuel sources to run vehicles. The most common currently is the use of electricity, which is stored in batteries and used as and when needed.

Toyota is developing their hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, which will be the greenest non polluting vehicle till date. Many manufacturers are still working on hybrid vehicles that use gasoline as well as an electric motor for extended range and believe hybrid vehicles are the way forward.

The next generation is also keen to find alternate sources of energy. They know that fossil fuel will be depleted at some point and that it is also polluting the environment. Making use of a product that is available in abundance and easily derived is the need of the hour.

A bunch of students from Saraswati Vidyalaya High School and Junior College of Thane, Maharashtra has come up with a brilliant idea. They have developed a vehicle that can run on salt water and solar energy, both of which are available in abundance.

The students developed this project for an all-India competition, which was organised by Manipal University. This vehicle that runs on salt water and solar energy was created by students of eleventh and twelfth grade. Amey Parab, Aakash Dolas, Neha Patil, Samrudhi Vaidya and Shraddha Prabhu were the youngsters that came up with the innovative idea.

The vehicle that runs on sea water and solar energy was jointly developed with the guidance of Swapnil Sontake, who teaches these five students as well. This vehicle will utilise the back of the vehicle for circuitry and other equipment, while the front will be used to store luggage.

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