Smoking In Cars Banned In UK If Any Occupant Is Below 18 Years

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Smoking has been banned in public places in several countries, United Kingdom has taken it one step further. They have also decided to ban smoking in four-wheelers, which will now be punishable.

It is not a complete ban as people can still continue smoking in a vehicle. United Kingdom has banned smoking in a vehicle, if there is an occupant who is below the age of 18 years.

We all know that passive smoking is almost equivalent to actually smoking. This is a great attempt at making people more responsible around others, and especially kids that can be easily influenced.

The immune system of children is not developed to handle air pollution. Breathing frequency too is more than of adults, they can easily be harmed by toxic air that circulates within the cabin, while smoking.

The United Kingdom Government has set a fine of 50 Pounds for offenders. Vehicle owners of convertibles are at an advantage as smoke is not caught within the cabin.

India too, has a rule that individuals are not allowed to smoke in public places as well as transport systems. We also have a rule that prohibits individuals from smoking in a vehicle if there is an occupant under 16 years.

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