Rolls Royce Concept: Exclusive Super Luxury Car For Dogs

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Every dog has his day! That's what comes to mind after what Rolls-Royce have decided to take along with them to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

Luxury carmaker Rolls-Royce is taking along a shooting brake concept, designed exclusively for dogs.

luxury cars for dogs

Unlike humans who will need a key fob, all a dog needs is a special collar with a chip that the car can detect. So when the pooch walks to the car, the Rolls-Royce will detect this collar and automatically deploy a ramp so that the dog can walk up.

This concept has been designed by Neils van Roij, exclusively for dogs.

rolls royce for dogs

Looking at the sketches, the dog has a lot of room inside and the interior is finished with very high quality materials.

But one key thing the designer failed to understand is that dogs don't prefer to be thrown around in a car while on a drive. Imagine an expensive car with the remains of a sick dog at the back!

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