Rickshaw Run 2015 Begins On 5th August From Shillong To Kochi

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Rickshaws are a daily affair for most of us and there can be very few who have not travelled in one. They are mainly used for short commutes and is a common form of transportation within cities.

Now League of Adventurists have organised largest three-wheeler event on Earth. It begins from 5th of August, 2015 in India from Shilling to Kochi, which is distance of approximately 5,000 kilometres.

Rickshaw Run 2015 will have 83 teams participating in this one of a kind competition. Participants from over 23 countries will make their way from Shillong to Kochi in rickshaws.

Matthew Dickens, Event Manager, commented, "Meghalaya is a real gem in the North East. I hope many of our participants are able to travel to some of the more remote areas of the state, as the scenery is simply out of this world."

Rickshaw Run 2015 will raise money as well for their Cool Earth cause. Each event can save upto 1,50,000 trees in the endangered rainforest around the globe, they have raised so far USD 3.1 million.

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