Volvo XC90 To Get Mild Performance Upgrade By Polestar

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Swedish carmaker Volvo had recently bought Polestar, which is now the carmaker's performance division. Polestar has already gotten busy and will offer some performance upgrade to the XC90 SUV.

Although it will not be a full-blown upgrade like the X5M or the Mercedes-AMG, Polestar is offering enough to make the XC90 faster and handle better than a standard model. Most of the upgrades will be around throttle response and the speed of the gearbox (to shift gears).

The performance upgrade will be limited to the T6 and D5 models initially. Other models will soon get upgrades.

Previously, Volvo announced that Volvo's Drive-E models will have a choice of 140 performance enhancement options to chose from. All the upgrades done by Polestar will not hamper the vehicle's warranty, emission, fuel consumption, or the service interval. The performance upgrades too will be covered under Volvo's warranty.

polestar to upgrade volvo xc90 performance
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