Formula One: New Super-Soft Tyre For 2015

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Pirelli say that they have developed a completely new super-soft compound tyre for the 2015 Formula One season.

The company manufactures four compounds of slicks for every Formula One season. Two are supplied to teams at each race.

Pirelli is only making small changes to its other tyre compounds, but this is a completely new tyre for the 2015 season.

Paul Hembery, Pirelli motorsport boss says all the other tyres are just evolutions of the 2014 tyres, except the new super-soft tyre. He says the tyre has a new rear construction and compound.

He also says that the entire 2015 tyre range will be in Jerez in a few days.

Hembery says that in 2014, Pirelli faced a totally new challenge with the new cars. He says the cars were completely a new generation and they had very different characteristics.

But Pirelli managed to meet all the targets and offered plenty of overtaking opportunities, diverse strategy options and an average of two pit stops per car at each grand prix.

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