Parrot Dashboard Makes Car Smarter

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Parrot has introduced a new dashboard unit that literally will transform a car into a massive supercomputer that runs on gas.

The double din system, called the RNB6 is an aftermarket device that connects to either Android or an apple device.

All the apps are displayed on the high definition screen, and the RNB6 comes with its very own dash cam as well. The camera can be used for multiple purposes.

On the screen, the video is displayed what the camera records. The options on the screen doubles up to give the driver with lane assist, and also let the driver know if he is getting too close to another car.

Apart from acting as a safety device, the Parrot RNB6 has some good audio options as well. The audio FX controls have an equaliser, like what is found in a traditional car system. The audio from this dual din entertainment system can be controlled by using advanced fade and balancing options.

It also has an audience selector, so one can fine tune the music to the desired person in the car.

Drive diagnostics is another interesting option. It gives the driver details about the way the car is being driven, like braking and acceleration. It also gives details about the vehicle's gas mileage and speed.

The RNB6 will also show what is wrong with the car, if the engine check light comes on, so the driver will at least have a basic idea about what is wrong with the car before taking it to the garage to get it fixed.

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Story first published: Monday, January 5, 2015, 15:27 [IST]
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