Nissan Vehicle Recycling Results Announced

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Nissan, the Japanese carmaker has has announced its vehicle recycling results for the year 2014, and it is in accordance with the Japan Automobile Recycling Law.

Nissan recovered 106,598.7 tons of the 109,231.0 tons of Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR) collected from 500,065 vehicles in Japan-an amount that represents a recovery ratio of 97.6 percent. The law requires manufacturers to have a ratio of 70 percent.

Nissan also recovered 1,664,042 airbag related products from 442,366 vehicles through recovery processing and on-board deployment operations. The airbag recycling ratio stood at 94.2 percent, while the legal requirement is 85 percent.

The cost of recycling efforts amounted to 5,297,853,316 yen. Recycling fees and income gained from the fund for vehicle recycling totaled to 6,082,025,285 yen, which contributed to a net surplus of 784,171,969 yen.

Nissan is eyeing to achieve a top-level ELV recovery rate in Japan. The company will continue to work toward achieving an ASR recovery ratio of 100 percent.

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