NASA And Nissan Pair Up To Develop Driverless Car

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Nissan and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have partnered to develop driverless car.

The Japanese car making company has partnered with NASA's Ames Research Center at California and have announced a five year R&D partnership to work on driverless systems that can be adapted to cars that are sold commercially.

Nissan is looking forward to the autonomous technology as it could improve safety in multiple folds. The company is also eager to watch driverless cars with zero emissions with the Nissan Leaf. Researchers from NASA will be working with Nissan's research facility located in Silicon Valley.

Nissan is looking to introduce the new driverless technology between 2016 and 2020 to consumers.

Carlos Ghosn, the Chief Executive of Nissan said, "The partnership brings together the best and brightest of NASA and Nissan and validates our investments in Silicon Valley."

The technology that is in work includes sensors that will detect collision and brake the car automatically, even if the driver has no time to react—cars that have the ability to park automatically and technology that can replace human drivers itself.

There are a lot of hurdles though before all this technology can be put into cars on the road.

Besides Nissan, Toyota, Ford and General Motors are also working on driverless car technology, along with non-car making companies like Google.

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