New Rolls Royce SUV Cullinan To Feature Bespoke Platform

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Rolls Royce, the premium luxury car manufacturer will use a bespoke platform for their upcoming super luxurious SUV, named the Cullinan (at least for now).

Rolls Royce is calling the vehicle a ‘high-sided all-terrain vehicle', with engineers working towards providing Rolls Royce's famed ‘magic carpet ride' not just on the road, but off it too. The images you see are of the engineering mules.

According to sources, the first series of tests will focus on on-road behaviour with the first iteration of the new suspension system. Also hinted at is a future marketing tagline possibility through these tests providing a result that's ‘effortless...everywhere.'

Rolls Royce is looking at revealing the model in 2016, with the British company aiming for a market launch in 2018.

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