Parents Can Now Have An Eye On Their Kids Driving Habit

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Teenagers driving is a big concern for parents. They are constantly worried about their kids safety and if they are sticking to the law.

The University of Minnesota has given a solution to that by developing a mobile app, that monitors teenagers driving habits in real time and will alert their parents if rules are being broken.

The new app keeps a constant watch over the vehicle's speed, and knows what the speed limit is for most roads. If the teen decides to go faster than the permitted speed limit, the app warns the driver. If the teen decides to ignore the app and still continue to stay above the permitted speed limit, a message is automatically sent to the parents.

mobile app to monitor teenagers driving

The app also keeps a watch if the teenager decides to go past a stop sign or jumps a light.

Janet Creaser, a researcher at the university said that the app recently completed a 12 month field test, conducted on 300 teenagers from Minnesota.

The result showed that the app proved to be very effective in improving driver safety. The result also showed that the teenagers who used the app were much less likely to go over the speed limit than the people who didn't use it.

According to Creaser, about 30 percent of the car crashes that involved teens was caused due to over speeding.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 10:12 [IST]
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