Michigan Set To Open Autonomous Car Test City

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Michigan is set to open an Autonomous Car Test City, creatively named M City. It will be situated on the grounds of the University of Michigan.

The M City will be a 32 acre urban landscape which will have an investment of USD 10 million. Here, automakers will be able to test their autonomous cars.

This project has already found support from carmakers like Ford, Honda, Nissan, and General Motors. Google on the other hand, has not been involved in this project yet.

michigan university car test facility

In the M City, autonomous cars will have to navigate through a course of 40 buildings, gravel roads, blind turns, a bridge, and also negotiate a traffic circle. Robot dummies will play the role of pedestrians, who will walk onto the path of cars without warning. This will help the carmakers to test safety features such as pedestrian detection.

As interesting as it sounds, it has a few hindrances though. For example, who will take responsibility for any accidents? These are issues that have to be sorted out by carmakers and software designers.

It will only be a matter of time until the M City becomes a reality and carmakers pool in to test their vehicles.

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