Mercedes-Maybach Working On Bentley Bentayga Rival

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Mercedes-Benz has taken to the drawing board to design a new ultra-luxury SUV to take on upcoming SUVs like the Bentley Bentayga and the Range Rover long wheelbase version.

This new SUV from the German brand, will also take on the top-spec Porsche Cayennes.

If all goes well for the German luxury carmaker and they decide to give a thumbs up to the project, this new SUV will not only be the second project from the Mercedes-Maybach duo, but will also be the company's flagship SUV.

The company, instead of building an all new SUV altogether, it will offer the upcoming GL based SUV, the GLS with more features.

Other famed manufacturers like Rolls-Royce and even Lamborghini have expressed interests in manufacturing SUVs.

After the Mercedes Maybach 600, this luxury SUV will be the company's second offering to the luxury market, where creature comforts offered cannot get any better.

With rapid growth and increase in demand for ultra-luxury vehicles in China and the Middle East, Mercedes-Maybach will offer new models in the upcoming years.

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