Mercedes-Benz & Bosch Celebrate 20 Years Of ESC

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German carmaker Mercedes-Benz and auto parts maker Bosch have one big reason to celebrate because it has been 20 years since ESC (Electronic Stability Control) has been introduced and these two companies will take the honour for it.

Like how the seat belt was recognised as an important safety feature a few years ago, ESC has now been recognised as an important advancement in terms of safety. Many countries have also made it a compulsory safety feature in their vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz and Bosch take the honour for introducing the Electronic Stability Control in the year 1995, called ‘Electronic Stability Program'.

The German carmaker refers the ESC as "a guardian angel" and "the most significant safety system of modern passenger cars".

ESC works by applying the brakes to one or more wheels to assist the driver in keeping the car going in the right direction, after detecting a driver's intentions when a car is not under full control.

Mercedes-Benz say that ESC has saved lives of several thousand people since it introduction and Bosch estimate that more than 6,000 lives have been saved and over 190,000 collisions have been avoided. That huge!

Bosch say that over 100,000 million ESC systems have been manufactured by them till date and only 59 percent of the cars that are sold worldwide have this lifesaver as a standard safety feature.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 5, 2015, 12:50 [IST]
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