McLaren To Bring Street Legal P1 GTR Soon

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So what is better than a track-only McLaren P1 GTR? A street legal P1 GTR! McLaren Special Operations are working on a limited edition model of the car.

This limited edition car will have just 25 examples made and will be priced at around USD 3 million.

This car is focused exclusively for McLaren customers who want a P1 GTR, but not just limited to the track.

The exact date or other details about the launch has not yet been disclosed, but however, one thing's for sure—it will be swept away by buyers quicker than the car can accelerate!

McLaren recently launched its track only P1 GTR during the Geneva Motor Show. This hypercar features 986 hp, a wider body than a standard production P1 that has better aerodynamics and with a 10 percent more downforce.

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