Max Mosley On F1 Drivers’ Salary, Calls It 'Absurd'

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Former FIA president Max Mosley has criticized the fat paychecks that the Formula One drivers make and termed it ‘absurd', in an official interview for GQ magazine.

Mosley went on to say that F1 teams must engage in more equal distribution of financial resources.

This comment came a little after Mercedes-AMG announced a three-year contract with Lewis Hamilton, for a staggering $50 million a season from 2016.

This new deal will make Lewis Hamilton one of the highest paid sportsperson in the world. He currently is Britain's richest sportstar.

Mosley also highlighted the financial struggles of other F1 teams and wants every Formula One team to get the same amount money to spend on their cars and drivers. He also reckoned that the F1 drivers are only interested in how much money they are making.

Do you agree with the former FIA president?

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