Maharashtra Government Could Introduce Road Safety In School Syllabus

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The newly formed Government of India is serious about several issues regarding quality of life. Recently we celebrated national road safety week throughout the country. In several countries around the world there is a strict rule and huge fines are imposed for breaking rules.

Now the Maharashtra Government has decided to take another route at making our roads safer. They plan to introduce road safety as part of a students academics. It will be taught as a subject and imbibing these manners at a young age is important.

Currently accidents on our roads are increasing. The Government is ensuring safer vehicles in the near future. Manufacturers on the other hand have asked for better infrastructure. If the Government could make the people on the road smarter and more aware would also decrease certain accidents.

Several countries across the world teach students road safety and awareness, as part of their curriculum. People in other countries are fined for jaywalking as well. Jaywalking means not walking on footpaths or crossing a street when there is no zebra crossing. This is an offence in foreign countries and we believe this rule should be implemented in India as well.

Maharashtra state Government will be checking options of introducing road safety in students curriculum. The Education Minister, Vinod Tawde himself will be looking into this matter. He would like to make every household aware of road safety.

The Maharashtra Government is doing a great job if they can introduce it and other states of India should also follow it. Smarter and more aware people on the road will surely lead to less mishaps.

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