Jules Bianchi: 7 Months After A Horrific F1 Accident

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7 months ago, on the 5th of October, Jules Bianchi met with a horrible accident during the Japanese Grand Prix. He ran into the back of a recovery vehicle.

That was one classic example of how dangerous motorsports can be. Wet track and bad weather was to blame.

The accident immediately left the 25 year old French racing driver fighting for his life. He suffered a diffuse axonal injury and was taken to the hospital immediately. He was helped with a life-support machine and a drug-induced coma.

Recently, Bianchi was moved from the hospital in Japan to Nice, where he was born. Updates after he got there was that he was in a stable, but serious condition.

According to Philippe Bianchi, the young racing driver's father, he is breathing unaided, and the life support machines have been taken away. His vital signs are normal and is no longer in an induced coma. Doctors are now working on improving his brain functions.

Philippe Bianchi says that his son is fighting fiercely, just as how he always did, even before the accident. Although Bianchi has shown signs of movement in his hand, his father is worried that they might just be twitches.

All that can be done now is wait and only time will be able to help Bianchi with a much needed miracle.

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