Jeep Wrangler May Offer Hybrid Option

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Jeep is working on improving the fuel economy delivered by the Wrangler. The company is making quite a few changes to the SUV and may even offer a hybrid power house to the vehicle.

Mike Manley, the CEO of Jeep said that only fuel economy will not be the purpose of the hybrid powertrain, but the immense torque electric motors offer will be very useful for off-roading purposes as well.

To improve fuel economy, a hybrid option may not be the only choice for Wrangler. Incorporating lightweight materials like high-strength steel, aluminium and even carbon fiber will not be a surprise.

To further reduce weight, the Wrangler's solid axles could be changed, but the body-on-frame design could be carried on in future models.

The new Jeep, which is likely to debut in 2017, may receive an eight-speed automatic gearbox, borrowed from the Grand Cherokee, Ram 1500, and other models.

At the moment, the company has no intentions to tease eager customers with various variants till the launch.

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