Jean Todt, FIA President Serious About Indian Road Safety Issue

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India is one of the countries that has the most amount of accidents in a single year. In most of these accidents, the occupants do not survive as the safety in our vehicles is not up to the mark. Jean Todt, FIA President recently addressed the issue at Western India Automobile Association workspace.

Also present at this conference was Nitin Dossa, Chairman Executive WIAA and Edil Katrak, President WIAA. Gautam Singhania was also in attendance at the WIAA conference. Federation Internationale de l'Automobile is affiliated with WIAA, they also work with UN, World Bank and Bloomberg in India.

WIAA is focussing on creating awareness in the Indian society regarding road safety. They have also confirmed that several initiatives have been organised to attain their goal. Jean Todt, FIA President has promised to work with the body and will discuss measures with several officials to improve the situation.

The WIAA has joined MSRTC and has promised to train roughly 40,000 drivers. Jean Todt, appreciated this effort and believes more initiatives like these should be undertaken. The FIA is keen to help iRAP design roads that will help reducing accidents on our roads.

One of the key problems pointed out was the level of safety equipment in base model vehicles offered in India. Also the demand for more affordable vehicles, means that manufacturers have been cutting costs to provide these vehicles. Jean Todt, FIA President has asked manufacturers in India to make safety their top most priority.

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