James May Leaves Top Gear Saying No Fun Without Clarkson

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Ever since Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was suspended from BBC for throwing a fist at the producer, developments have been there as in how to go ahead with the show.

The latest news in that series is that James May, aka "Captain Slow" has quit Top Gear but will help with further promotions for the last edition of Top Gear.

To add insult to injury, Wilman, the Executive Producer and a childhood friend of Jeremy Clarkson also called quits. Wilman was the man who turned a mere TV show into an something that gives entertainment overload.

As per May, Clarkson is not officially banned or fired from BBC but his contract has not been renewed. There are chances for Clarkson to be back.

BBC also has plans for changing the face of Clarkson in the show with driving model Jodie Kidd. The show will not be the same after changing a face, feels May. He feels it just wont work.

So what future awaits Top Gear? Only time will say.

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