IAM Study Reveals Shocking Facts About Drivers And Selfies!

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Research by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has revealed some shocking facts about how technology, mobile phones and self obsession have taken over road safety.

The research asked 500 drivers in the UK how they use their smartphones and tablets in the car and the study show that nine per cent of drivers admitted to taking a selfie while driving, in the last month alone.

That percentage increases for drivers aged 18-24 to 15 percent and for 25-35 year old drivers, it only goes up to 19 percent!

The study also reveals that women take less selfies compared to men. Only 5 percent of women take selfies while it stood at 12 percent for men.

Eight percent of drivers admitted using Skype and other video calling apps while driving and in the case of 18 to 24 year olds, it was 16 percent.

An IAM study in 2012 showed that using a smartphone while driving is more dangerous than driving at the legal alcohol limit or when using cannabis. Drivers have much slower reaction times, difficulty staying in the same lane and are less able to adapt to even slowly changing circumstances.

The recent study revealed more shocking facts. Seven percent of drivers admit to watching videos and television on the road, while it only increased to 13 percent for drivers aged 18-24 and 15 percent for 25-32 year old drivers.

Eighteen per cent of drivers have accessed the internet using their smartphone or tablet, again increasing to 27 percent for drivers aged 18-24 and 34 percent for drivers aged between 25-34.

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