Horn Ok Please Not To Be Promoted In Maharashtra Anymore

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‘Horn Ok Please' is a common phrase that is seen on most trucks and buses across India. It usually means if you want to overtake honk and the vehicle forward will make way for you.

It is a very common gesture to honk before overtaking a vehicle in India. The constant increase in number of vehicles in India has increased traffic as well as various forms of pollution.

maharashtra government ban horn ok please

Now Maharashtra Government has decided not to promote this philosophy of Horn Ok Please. They are planning to reduce noise pollution in the state of Maharashtra considerably.

Mahesh Zagade, Transport Commissioner has requested all Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) to take strict action against vehicles that carry the ‘Horn Of Sign'.

In our opinion we would like that the sign not be removed from vehicles as it is a form of expression. Rather we would like if individuals themselves make a conscious effort of not using their horns.

Currently individuals have to pay a hefty fine if they use their horn in a No Honking zone. These are usually in residential areas, hospitals, schools and several other locations.

We also believe that it was a form of artistic expression and choice for most. It gave trucks an unique persona and it was seen as healthy competition between truckers.

Do let us know in the comment section whether you think banning trunks from using Horn Ok Please sign will reduce noise pollution?

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