Takata Crisis: Honda Reports Another Death Due To Airbag

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Honda, the Japanese carmaker has reported another death due to faulty airbags manufactured by Takata, bringing global fatalities to 7 in total.

Honda confirmed that a woman from Louisiana died after metal shrapnel was deployed from the airbag in her Honda Civic, a 2005 model. Honda US reported the death to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

This is the latest report of a fatality caused by faulty airbags made by Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata. The company recently agreed to double its recall in the US.

The faulty airbag, which sprays shrapnel when deployed which could be due to a chemical propellant that helps inflate the airbags, has affected many of the world's largest carmakers like BMW, Toyota, Ford, General Motors, Nissan and a few more.

A senior Takata executive had earlier told lawmakers in the US that the company was still looking for a reason as to why the airbags deploy with such an explosion.

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