Google To Offer Its Own Ride-Hailing Service

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Uber, has been facing quite a bit of trouble of recent, and has managed to consistently make it to the news for every possible wrong way.

Now, Uber is back in the news, only this time, it is facing competition from one of the world's biggest American brand, Google.

google ride sharing app

Although Google funded Uber with USD 258 million in August 2013 and David Drummond, Google's Chief Legal Officer and Senior Vice-President of Corporate Development joined the Uber board of directors in 2013 and has served on it ever since, it now looks like the two companies are more foes than friends.

Google is on the verge of preparing its own ride-hailing service, most likely linked to its long-in-development driverless car project.

Drummond has notified Uber's board of this possibility, according to sources, and Uber executives have had a glimpse of what appears to be a Google ride-sharing app that is presently in use by Google employees.

Drummond is also on the verge of having to quit has position as one of the members of the board. Only time will tell what Google has in mind.

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