2015 Geneva Motor Show: Electricity Producing Tyres By Goodyear

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Goodyear, the tyre manufacturer has come up with a new tyre, which could possibly be a solution to limited battery capacity of electric vehicles—a tyre that can generate electricity.

The new tyre, named BH03 concept tyre can convert heat energy to electricity, that can potentially charge the batteries of electric vehicles. This tyre was showcased during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

Along with the BH03 concept tyre, Goodyear also showcased a tyre with three tubes that can adjust tyre pressure, according to road conditions.

Although Goodyear did not reveal much details about how the BH03 works, the triple tube tyre has tubes beneath the tread and near the inboard and outboard shoulders of the tyre as well as the centre and relies on an internal pump.

The tyre has three different positions based on road conditions. They are:

  • The Eco or Safety position: Maximum inflation in all three tubes. Offers reduced rolling resistance
  • The Sporty position: Reduced inflation within the inboard shoulder tube. Gives drivers dry handling through an optimised contact patch.
  • The Wet Traction position: Maximized inflation in the centre tube. Provides high aquaplaning resistance through a raised tread in the centre of the tyre.
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