Four-Cylinder Plastic Engine Under Construction?

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As weird as it may sound, Solvay Chemicals is taking a leadership role in developing a four-cylinder plastic engine, called the Polimotor 2.

This plastic engine will weigh around 63 kg to 67 kg, about 43 kgs lighter than a regular four-cylinder engine that are being made these days.

four cylinder plastic engine

The designers will also replace as many as 10 parts which are made up of metal with plastic. The oil pump, water pump, water inlet/outlet, throttle body, fuel rail, and cam sprockets are among those that will be replaced by high-performing thermoplastic materials.

M-20 C Coupe concept car, made by French race carmaker Norma Auto Concept, will feature this new all plastic engine and will also be raced competitively next year.

The engine will feature a double-overhead CAM, although its power output has not been revealed yet. It could be around 450 to 500 horsepower.

So, if this is proven practical, will plastic engines be the future of automobiles? Please share your thoughts with us.

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