F1 May Switch To Three Engines Per Season Plan To Bring Down Running Costs

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Formula One teams may be limited to just three engines a season per driver as engine manufacturers try to bring down the costs of running a F1 team and ensure that an alternative engine doesn't make its way into the sport.

The proposal is one of three major changes being discussed by engine manufacturers for a presentation to the FIA and have to be agreed by January 15 when the FIQA will decide if the changes are enough.

The other changes as reported by motorsport.com include freezing development of parts which make up the power unit that have reached development maturity and defining a list of standard parts that can be sourced from one supplier, while still allowing total freedom in the manufacturing of other systems related to the electrical motor.

Another change that was recommended by Mercedes, Ferrari, and Renault was the abolition of the expensive MGU-H system but Honda's threat to pull out of the sport if the change happened scuttled that plan.

The extensive changes could mean that F1 will see new power units only by 2018, a year behind the FIA's schedule.

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