Ford To Hire 1,500 New Employees To Manufacture F-150 Pick-Up

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American automobile giant Ford has introduced several new products recently. They have just introduced their all new Focus RS, which is expected to take the world by storm. In America, however, their primary focus is on their pick-up truck range.

The manufacturer had recently showcased an all new version of their famous pick-up truck, the F-150. Ford believes their new vehicle has received tremendous response from its fan base, and are keen to deliver their new pick-up truck on time to customers.

To counter this Ford will be hiring additional employees to cope with demand and production. They will be hiring 1,500 new employees, who will work in either of the manufacturers four facilities. Most of the employees will be deputed to Kansas City, Chicago and Louisville facilities.

Joe Hinrichs, Ford President, The Americas, commented, "Thanks to stronger than expected customer demand, we're adding 1,550 new workers to support additional F-150 production. These jobs are further proof that customers recognize the all-new F-150 as the toughest, smartest, most capable F-150 ever. We sell every truck we can build, and we plan to build more."

Jimmy Settles, UAW Vice President and Director, National Ford Department, expressed, "This also represents a major milestone for employees hired under the entry level agreement, as many will now begin to convert to ‘new traditional' wage status, as negotiated in the 2011 collective bargaining agreement."

Currently Ford will provide its new employees with a salary of Tier Two Wage, which is USD 16 per hour. This is half of what the regular employees earn on an hourly basis. The American manufacturer has promised to increase wages by five percent until they arrive at USD 19.28 per hour.

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