Ford Study Says Congested Indian Roads A Major Cause For Stress

A recent Ford Study has revealed that a major cause for stress among Indian drivers is our congested roads. Most Indian drivers dread the thought of bumper-to-bumper traffic in any metro city. In a survey conducted, over 63 percent blamed road congestion as a major cause for stress.

Other reasons cited by Indian drivers that cause stress while driving is Parking (56%), Accident (45%), Fuel Prices (37%), and Traffic Fines (34%). Drivers also claimed that possibility of hitting an animal, pedestrian or cyclist also causes stress while driving in India.

Over 49 percent of Indian drivers have spent almost 12-hours a week in their own vehicle. This is the highest amongst the Asia-Pacific region. On an average in India, drivers spend more than 100 minutes every day in their vehicle, which can be very stressful.

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Ford also conducted a Driving Habits Survey earlier this year. The conclusion was, drivers in Australia, China, Thailand, and the Philippines spend less time behind the wheel of a vehicle, compared to an Indian driver.

Bill Ford, Executive Chairman, Ford, expressed, his great-grandfather has helped the world to get onto four-wheels. The idea was to enjoy mobility with maximum leisure. Currently, Ford is focussing on providing advanced technology to address mobility challenges across the globe.

Most drivers confirmed that listening to music helps them reduce stress considerably during traffic. Ford Study reveals that approximately 47 percent of Indians sing in their vehicle. An additional 33 percent expressed they blast their favourite song whenever it plays, to soothe their minds.

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