Ford India Made EcoSport To Be Offered In United States Of America

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The EcoSport is a popular product from Ford in India and several other countries it is offered in. The American based manufacturer realised the potential of Indian market and established its facility.

Currently Ford is exporting and selling its EcoSport from its Indian facility to certain markets. Now the manufacturer seems ready to take its compact SUV to its home market.

ford india ecosport

Ford India is contemplating on manufacturing EcoSport compact SUV here and will then export it to U.S markets. This is great news for Indians as our goal of Make in India is being fulfilled.

EcoSport will make its entrance into U.S. market by 2017. Ford has been developing a refreshed model of this compact SUV, which is set to enter the American market.

ford ecosport india

It will be for the very first time in history that an American manufacturer will export its vehicle back to its home. Ford is expecting huge demand for the EcoSport in American markets, considerably more than India.

Several Indian four-wheeler and two-wheeler manufacturers offer their products in international markets. Quality will not be an issue, however, the Made in America sentiment could be affect genuine Ford loyalists.

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