From Smart Phones To Supercars - Ford GT To Use Corning Gorilla Glass

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Ford has partnered with Corning to create a Corning Gorilla Glass Hybrid Windshield for its upcoming Ford GT supercar.

Corning's Gorilla Glass has been in use in the consumer electronics market since 2007 and the new hybrid windshield will provide a lighter and thinner alternative to laminated glass.

A traditional automotive laminated windshield consists of two layers of annealed glass sandwiched around a clear, thermoplastic interlayer binding agent. The Gorilla Glass Hybrid uses a multilayer approach - a pane of toughened automotive-grade formed hybrid acts as the strengthened inner layer, an advanced noise-absorbing thermoplastic interlayer is in the center, and an annealed glass serves as the outer layer.

The new Ford GT will use the new hybrid glass for both the windshield and engine cover which will help Ford shave almost five and a half kilograms from the Ford GT's final weight.

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