Ferrari Could Quit Formula One Owing To 2017 Rule Change

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Formula One witnessed a major change in engine and rules two years ago. Since then, Mercedes-AMG has dominated the competition by a huge margin. Ferrari is the only team close to the German brand, however, they still require more testing to be on par with Mercedes.

Ferrari now threatens to quit Formula One Championship over 2017 rules and regulations. Another issue pointed out was if Jean Todt, FIA President and Bernie Ecclestone, Formula One Owner were allowed to exercise their changes.

FIA officials plan on reducing costs and putting limits on spending. Engine usage will be further limited, which will restrict development. Ferrari is an iconic brand that has been part of Formula One, losing the Italian brand could affect the sports image drastically.

2017 Formula One Championship will offer a team only six engines for an entire season. Out of which three will be for each driver and in-season testing will be close to not available. Manufacturer's will also be restricted on the number of teams they can offer engines to.

Currently, Formula One has only four manufacturers taking part in the competition and providing teams with engines. Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, and Honda are the only teams competing for the constructors title. Out of the four, three manufacturers believe Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt have been given too much authority in shaping F1's future.

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