2015 Geneva Motor Show: All Electric Audi SUV In Works

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Audi has revealed that an all-electric SUV is in works during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The plan is to take on Tesla Model X.

Information is that the new all-electric SUV will be a passenger oriented car, so it will have more than two seats. It will be targeted to families with a deep pocket.

audi electric vehicle range

The upcoming vehicle will also have larger capacity batteries and Audi aims to achieve at least 500 km range on a full charge.

The electric SUV from Audi will have its own unique design instead of looking like a Q7 that underwent a few changes to set it apart from its gas guzzling counterpart.

The design architecture will be based on the MLB car, hence can be built in the same factory and Audi can work with steel, aluminium and other mixture of materials.

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