BMW M5 All-Wheel Drive Confirmed At 2015 Detroit Auto Show

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Former boss of Audi RS and new head of BMW M, Franciscus van Meel, spoke to AutoExpress UK at the Detroit Auto Show, and hinted that the upcoming M5 and future BMW M models will adopt an all-wheel drive system.

"If we continue the power increases in the future - especially regarding torque and also horsepower - then probably the next generation M5 and M6 will have so much torque and power that we need to think about those solutions," says Van Meel.

"I wouldn't like to use the word four-wheel drive because it's always connected a little bit - emotionally - to straightforward driving and that's not what we're talking about."

The new M5 is likely to adopt a rear-biased setup rather than a pure 50:50 four-wheel drive system so as to ensure it is still a fun high performance car to drive. A similar setup currently exists in the M SUVs. This setup will feel like a rear-wheel drive with more traction.

The BMW M5 and M6 could be the first models to feature all-wheel drive. The next generation M5 is slated to launch in 2018, followed by the M6 a year later.

Video: Best of BMW M5

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