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The Maruti Alto K10 has been one of India's best selling cars, if not the best selling car, for a long time. The small hatchback is positioned way down in India's auto chain, but offers an extremely cheap, practical and efficient mobility option for several first-car buyers in the country.

The K10 belongs to Maruti Suzuki's Alto series, with an all-new model launched last year based on the Alto 800 hatchback. The car is now available with an AMT gearbox option in addition to the standard 5-speed manual transmission, which lends the car even more practicality for today's traffic conditions.

But the Alto K10 is more than just an efficient small car for some. Owing to its 750-kilogram-odd low weight and decently powerful 68 bhp engine, the car offers drivers a very good power-to-weight ratio that rewards good driving with quite impressive performance. The previous-gen K10 is slowly achieving cult car status as well, like the Zen and Esteem of Maruti's past.

Thus, a car like the K10 could do very well with a limited-edition model such as the one seen here, where driving enthusiasts would appreciate some show with the go. Maruti could even up-spec the engine and exhaust system slightly, to add some more oomph as well. My idea of a K10 RS (or Rally Sport) includes some changes to the styling, like a new grille, extra rally lights, bonnet air intake, a simple bodykit and custom number decals and stripes.

What do you think of this concept? Do you think a limited-edition K10 RS would sell in our country? Do let us know in the comments section.

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