Collision Avoidance System Mandatory In US; How About India?

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Keeping safety as a priority, all vehicles in the US must be equipped with collision avoidance systems such as automatic braking or a device to warn other drivers to avoid rear end collisions.

The National Transportation Safety Board said that about 1.7 million rear-end crashes occur each year in the U.S., and 80 percent of them can be avoided.

Some safety systems will brake automatically when a collision is detected, while other devices will warn the drivers about an accident.

The board has asked vehicle manufacturers to start making warning systems standard, and also include automatic emergency braking once the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration completes standards for them.

This safety system should be fitted in all new cars and commercial trucks.

So what about India? Isn't safety a concern here? It is high time safety such as airbags should be made standard in all cars being sold here. We have carmakers who make cars just to sell in mass numbers, regardless of occupant safety.

It is time for carmakers and consumers together to look at automotive safety, instead of looking at automobiles as a mere form of transport and something that sells in mass quantities. Safety is first!

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