Carmakers Showcase Smart Wearables At CES 2015

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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been a big venue for carmakers as well. Manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai showcased some of their newest smart gadgets that help people interact with their cars.

Remote apps, although they have been around for years, carmakers have taken this a step furthue into the future by integrating those softwares into things that are wearable, like watches and bands.

BMW has integrated a software in its i3 electric car, which works with a Samsung smart watch and its iRemote software.

It has functions like checking the charge in the car and even switching on the aircon remotely, using the touch screen watch or by voice command. BMW is working on a way to lock or unlock the car remotely using gesture control.

BMW say "The application can significantly enhance comfort and convenience not only in the private sphere but also when using the BMW car-sharing program DriveNow."

South Korean carmaker, Hyundai too has come up with a similar smart gadget that allows a car owner to access functions remotely with a wrist watch.

Hyundai has put many features in the watch, which even include some of the driver assistance aids that have been integrated.

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