BMW i8 Production To Increase To Bring Down Waiting Periods

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Demand for the stunning BMW i8 has reached an all time high, with customers having to wait almost a year and a half for delivery of their high-tech, ultra-modern sports car. As a result, BMW has decided to up production of the i8 to bring down waiting periods.

The increase in production for the i8 comes at the expense of the i3's production, as manufacturing of both vehicles occurs in the same plant in Leipzig, Germany. Despite this however, customers in the US will see these cars entering the market only by October this year, at the earliest.

bmw i8 production increased

The increase in production is expected to reduce customer waiting periods, but the reality is that, despite higher production numbers, only around 1,000 more units of the i8 will reach the US, that will result in a still-lengthy one-year waiting period.

More numbers of the i8 being produced is not expected to affect the i3's production however, with BMW expecting to sell around 1,000 examples a month of the hatchback in the US.

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