Audi A4 To Use e-Quattro All Wheel Drive System

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The Audi A4 will be the first road going car from Audi to use the e-quattro all wheel drive system. The car is due to launch later this year.

The e-quattro all wheel drive system has been used by Audi in its Le Mans prototype race cars for a couple of years now. This system is called the e-tron quattro on the race cars and now the company wants to equip production cars with it.

This system basically lets the cars internal combustion engine drive one axle and an electric drive system is used to power the other axle, thus making it an all wheel drive system. This helps drive all four wheels without using any connecting driveshafts.

Although other manufacturers like Volvo, BMW, Peugeot and Porsche offer this in their vehicles, the A4 will be the first car from the Audi stables to use this system.

The e-quattro system will debut in the high end variant of the A4 initially. Two electric motors will be present, one integrated with the engine and the other for the rear wheels, so that all wheel drive system is available in all-electric mode as well.

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