Aston Martin EV To Produce 800 Horsepower; Launch By 2017

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Aston Martin has confirmed that they are developing an electric vehicle for the future. This model will be launched in several international markets by 2017.

The British luxury car maker will be introducing their very first electric vehicle by 2017. Aston Martin has promised that their new model will be capable of developing 800 horsepower.

The Rapide will be used as the base for their first fully electric vehicle. Aston Martin engineers will be focussing on electric and hybrid models, which will appeal to future vehicle buyers.

Post the launch of fully electric Rapide model, Aston Martin will introduce an electric version of the DBX. The crossover will be launched by 2019 and will follow launches of several new and environment friendly models.

Several international markets are making their emission regulations more stringent. Europe and United States of America are focussed on promoting electric vehicle for a sustainable future.

Aston Martin is a luxury car maker, however, they have not witnessed an increase in demand recently. Several other manufacturers have capitalised on the recent surge in demand for luxury vehicles in a number of markets.

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